July28th 2015

hA! I promise to write EVERY week I said....ha! Oh silly me I know better than that.. I just have to pretend this is Face book or something and I'll get on more.  I dropped max the bird off at the Wildlife rehab center yesterday.. amazing place out in the middle of BFE.. The woman that runs it has SUCH a wonderful energy.. tough as nails but not off putting you know? All the animals there Obviously LOOVe her... like sheep running after her like they were puppies.. cows running up to the fence to greet her.. my goodness it was like something from Disney. :) Max is in the best hands possible. I am grateful for my time with him.. but I'm simply not qualified.

March 2015

I'm back and I promise to write in here EVERY week all my captivating  activities.(!!!)

I'm happy to be figuring out how to use this website...a few more tweaks and we'll be there.

SPAIN! 2014

Spain Spain we're going to Spain!!! Wallow in art and stuff....you know.  

To Date..finished cover of the fine Ryan Osborn's first kids book (mine too!) Good Morning Little Raven. It will be amazing to see it in print.  Aannnnd.. navigating the realm of website commerce with the help of Elizabeth Kinahan.. a remarkable artist.,savvy business woman and personal HERO. And That's THAT.... xoxo :)

Lift Off!

Well .. my initial intent was to dutifully scribe my processes, musings and new findings every week on this nifty blog.

Truth be told it will more likely be a monthly catch up session..........BUT.. I am familiar and relatively comfortable with that character..     ......trait. 

I am delighted to have a website up and running and a blog in which to pratter on about "it all" !     If you read it. I hope it brings you entertainment, enjoyment and and desire to participate!