My Story

Once Upon a time....I honestly have no idea what to say about myself other than that I will get back to this with something polished and eloquent. But there's the rub... I'm NOT polished nor eloquent, I mean I can clean up good... but my nature is a bit ruffled.   I love birds.. I love being outside and I think nature is funny.  I draw cartoons.. but my biology background keeps sneaking up on me and wanting each feather to be in place.  If there's anything I want my art to do is this:                    

  HA! Boil THAT intent down into one polished sentence..nope!  I want people to smile when they look at something I've painted or say  "Oh yea! "    The HUGEST compliment someone can give me about my art is that it made them FEEL something.. anything! That's cool. Thank you for taking the time to peruse my site...and above all have Fun.